May 2016 newsletter - 02 May 2016

Spring 2016 Newsletter
Resort Village of Sunset Cove

Hi, I’d like to update our residents on some new developments within our resort.
1. Development Permits: In light of some advice our resort village has recently received to address concerns regarding possible ground movement and drainage issues within our resort, the resort village will be adopting a more structured and formalized approach towards residents wishing to undertake developments on their property. Our existing zoning bylaw has always required permits for any development work to be conducted on one’s property. Under the Planning and Development Act (2007), development is defined as “the carrying out of any building, engineering, mining or other operations, in, on, or over land, or the making of any material change in the use of any building or land”. Basically, any change you wish to make to your property, other than what would be considered a minor variance, must first have a valid development permit from the resort village. Failure to obtain a development permit is a contravention of our zoning bylaw and of the Planning and Development Act. A stop work order, under the authority of Section 241 and Section 242 of The Planning and Development Act, 2007 would be issued to those residents not complying. Unlike most communities, we will not be charging a fee for processing the development permits. Our objectives here are only to ensure one does not undertake a development that may cause damage to their own property, their neighbour’s property or to any resort property. We will be very accommodating towards most minor development applications. If you are refused a development permit, the reasons will be outlined in writing and the process for appeal will be included. Prior to engaging in any development work on one’s property, contact the resort village to see if a development permit will be required. If so, please submit your permit application well in advance of any anticipated work. The development application permit is available through our administrator or from our website (located under “Bylaws”).
2. Boat Launch: We have hired a person to place the steel infrastructure in place and to cover the boat launch area with crushed stone. As soon as he is able to get the supplies, he will begin this work. Our goal is not to provide a “state of the art” boat launch, but rather to provide a place to occasionally remove and launch ones boat. Elbow, Saskatchewan recently spent $136,000.00 on renovating their existing boat launch, while Waterhen Lake spent $73,122.50 to upgrading their boat launch. We did not want to spend this type of money towards our facility. Our costs will total approximately $2,500.00, of which PDAP paid 100%. There are neighbouring boat launches available to use if our boat launch is too steep for your vehicle or does not permit the launching/trailering of your watercraft. It was never designed to meet everyone’s needs.
3. Boat Houses: During 2013/2014 we allocated 15 foot wide boat house locations to our residents and mandated that there was a three year window (2014, 2015 or 2016) to finalize the construction of any boathouse within this area. We also passed our new boat house bylaw regulating the construction of these structures. (This bylaw is posted on our website). However, during the summer of 2014 we experienced our second major flooding event and the new berm was damaged and unavailable for construction. This berm was not able to be repaired until the autumn of 2015. It is now repaired and ready to be utilized for boathouses. Due to the inability to build upon it during 2015, we no longer require that boathouses are to be built by the end of the 2016 calendar year. Council has extended the time period of construction to the end of 2017. Failure to utilize this time period to construct a boathouse may result in a forfeiture of your location, if others are waiting for a building site.

Unfortunately, due to the flooding/wave action during 2014, we lost several feet of berm depth in a few locations and no longer have the same number of boat house locations available to us as we previously did in 2013. Therefore changes in our boathouse assignment and deployment practises will be required. Please refer to the following:

a) By May 31st 2016, all residents previously allocated a location along our municipal reserve will need to notify the village administrator ( and inform council of whether you will be building a boathouse or if you plan on utilizing a boat lift instead. This information will then allow council to locate boathouses in the “deeper” lots, and boat lifts in the “shallower” lots.
b) It currently appears that only a few residents still plan on constructing a boathouse, with most residents now choosing to use a boat lift instead.
c) Persons still wanting to build a boathouse will now be allocated a “deep lot” location at either the farthest available east location or farthest available west location to build upon, so they do not block access to others wanting to build a boathouse at a later date. (In other words, we will assign lots for boathouse construction from the outside of the berm – in towards the center of the berm). We have already authorized a boathouse to be built upon the farthest east location.
d) Boat lift locations will need to be assigned to locations that will not accommodate a boathouse, (i.e. shallower lots).
e) Both boat lift and boat house locations are required to be leased. (See attached agreement).
f) Over the next couple of weeks, council will have the “boathouse lots” staked and numbered. By the first week of June, we aim to have a new allotment of locations for everyone.
g) We still plan on supplying electrical power for boathouses to this area, (as well as a yard light), but due to the lack of response we got to our earlier requests (regarding who had electrical service to their boathouses), each resident requiring power may now be responsible to pay for their own individual (buried) hook up costs. (No overhead electrical wires are permitted). We are still working with our electrician to find the best plausible solution for this. Depending on SaskPower’s availability, we hope to have power on site by late spring/early summer.
As outlined previously, the following lease agreement needs to be signed and returned to council prior to being issued with a boathouse/lot location. This form is also available on our website. For June-Dec 2016, the lease fee shall be $36.00 ($6.00/month).

I think we should all be proud of the shoreline improvements within our resort. We have significantly improved the aesthetics of our resort and have now provided a legal and much safer location to build upon. I truly believe we have the most beautiful resort in southern Saskatchewan. Thank you for your patience as we endeavored to work through the many processes to make this plan a reality.

4. Regional Landfill: Since last summer, our regional landfill has been flooded with water and all of our garbage has been subsequently transported to the Regina Landfill. This resulted in an increased cost of approximately $60.00 per home owner. There is no determination by the landfill committee as to how long this practise might have to continue, as the landfill site is still flooded.
5. Regional Lagoon: Despite repeated requests, we still have not heard any information from the RM of McKillop in regards to what is occurring with our regional lagoon? For now, our septic waste is still being trucked to the Kannata Valley lagoon, who is charging us $40.00 per load to dump there, on top of the hauling fees. Sunset Cove is required to pre-pay this fee to Kannata Valley and will continue to invoice our residents accordingly.
6. 2016 Municipal Election – Resort Village of Sunset Cove: The election dates for resort villages in Saskatchewan are set by the provincial government and occur every 4 years. On Saturday July 30th 2016, we will be required to elect a council to represent us for the next four years. Gerry Argue and Darlene Klinger are not seeking re-election. The call for nominations will occur on or before June 13th 2016 with the deadline being 2:00 pm on June 25th 2016. Our community owes a huge debt of thanks to Mr Gerry Argue, who was instrumental in lobbying the provincial government to achieve resort village status for Sunset Cove. Gerry has served either as our mayor or as a councillor for four decades and his contributions to our community is immeasurable. A big “thank you” to Darlene who has served nine years as a councillor for us.
Candidates for Resort Village Council must be:
• at least 18 years old on Election Day;
• a Canadian citizen; and
• one of the following:
a) a resident of the resort village for at least 3 consecutive months immediately preceding the date nomination papers are filed and a resident of Saskatchewan for at least 6 months immediately preceding the date nomination papers are filed; or
b) an owner or lessee of assessable land in the resort village for at least 3 consecutive months immediately preceding the date the nomination paper is submitted and have resided in Saskatchewan for at least 6 consecutive months immediately preceding the date on which nomination papers are submitted; or
c) the spouse of a person mentioned in (a) or (b) above.
At least five voters of the municipality must sign a candidate’s nomination paper. Nomination papers must be complete and include the candidate’s signed acceptance. Please contact our administrator Barb Griffin for additional information and forms.
I would strongly encourage all our residents to consider taking a position on council. Without a council, we could fall under the jurisdiction of the RM, something we definitely do not want to occur! Our next council meeting is Saturday June 4th at 10:00 at our home. Please consider attending as our residents are always invited and encouraged to attend.
7. Village Maintenance/Construction: Once again council wishes to thank Mr Barry West for his continued commitment in keeping Sunset Cove looking so great. He has already filled numerous pot holes for us and will soon be doing some maintenance work on our children’s play structure. Thanks Barry, greatly appreciated.

8. Construction/Repairs Work:
• After some unfortunate experiences/delays, the Vanderhoofts are expecting to begin construction on their new home this summer. We wish them the best of luck with their construction project.
• Mr Priest has recently listed his two back row lots (west of the tennis courts) for sale. If friends or family members are looking for a location within our resort, now may be the opportunity they were waiting for?
• We are in the process of finally purchasing a small village storage shed which will be located just south of the children’s play structure.
• We have contacted a contractor to grade and gravel Mountain Drive. We will then apply our annual dust treatment (ligno sulfonate) to keep down the dust. This is an expensive maintenance item for our resort, costing us approximately $4000.00 per year (or $75.00 per lot). However, I feel it makes our quality of life here much more enjoyable. Please let me know your thoughts on this.
• We will be installing swimming buoys this season at our beach. Please be reminded it is an offense for a water craft to enter into a marked swimming area.
• Work is required on our tennis court area to stop the deterioration of the asphalt and to repair the fencing. We are currently examining our options/costs here.
• As previously mentioned, installing a couple of power poles, an electrical panel and a yard light for the boathouse/boat launch area is being undertaken.
• A culvert system needs to be installed near the boat launch to control the flow of water from summer storms. We are thinking of using “half culverts” along the side of the roadway to channel the water and to control erosion.
• A barrier across the top of the beach area needs to be installed, to prevent a vehicle/snowmobile from accidentally driving over this area. Two winters ago, we had considerable damage done to our boat launch area and access road by large trucks and track vehicles driving upon it. Several vehicles got stuck trying to get up the hill and created damage to our property. We are therefore considering closing this area to vehicular traffic during the winter months with a gate, leaving just enough space for ATVs and snowmobiles to access the lake. Residents wanting to move their ice fishing shacks onto the lake could have this gate unlocked for them.
• Council wishes to remind everyone that it is the law to have any pump installed in the lake to be controlled by a GFI breaker/plug. This is an extremely important issue for us. We may be doing an inspection of all such installations this summer.

Thank you once again for taking the time to read another long newsletter. Council feels it is important to keep our residents abreast of what is occurring in their resort. Please consider putting your name forth to sit on village council. It is a very interesting and rewarding experience. Feel free to contact me for more information about this if interested. Thank you.

Tom Fulcher
Mayor, Resort Village of Sunset Cove

Special Council Meeting April 25th - 23 Apr 2017

Hi everyone, although we have a regular council meeting set for May 6th (Agenda to be posted shortly) we need to have a special meeting before that time to address a couple of pressing needs that should not wait that long, being our status in the regional lagoon and the landfill. These will be the only two agenda items discussed.
We are looking at other options regarding these two partnerships and may consider leaving both entities.
We have some serious concerns about the administration of both utilities, and want to ensure our villages long term needs will be met.
Please call me for any additional details including joining instructions if you wish to partake, as we are holding this meeting via conference call.
Thank you

Tom Fulcher
Mayor, Resort Village of Sunset Cove.

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