Fire Callout Insurance

Recently, our minimum fire callout fee rose from $5,000.00 to $8,000.00. This fee is for any event that our fire service responds to, including false alarms. This fee increases by $3,000.00 if the fire service are on site for more than 3 hours and for every three hour period after that. If additional fire services or specialized equipment is required, there would be additional fees associated to that. (Kannata Valley had five different fire services respond to their 2018 fire).

While previously, having a $10,000 in insurance coverage for a fire response was generally considered adequate, this is no longer the case. One may want to consider increasing their insurance coverage here to $20,000.00 dollars, which generally should cover your costs regarding fighting a large fire. Remember, these costs are initially billed to our Resort Village, which then applies them to your taxes, if they are left unpaid.